Product Overview

Metal Plate

Laser Cutting Machine

2D Laser Cutting Machine

Low, medium and high power laser cutting

Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Metal Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Bending Machine

High-precision CNC servo bending machine

Handheld Welding

Integrated structure laser welding machine

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Tianjin Han’s Laser, China

Changsha Han’s Laser, China

Jinan Han’s Laser, China

Changzhou Han’s Laser, China

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Responsibility Comes From Client

“It’s been working great, I’ve bought a 4th machine here and I’m thinking about expanding my production.”

From customer, Khaleel Almakanin

“After constant convereations,we finally decided to choose Han’s Laser equipment.We are so glad we him.”

From customer, Marlon Pachelo

“Fast, service, professional, I believe that Han’s Laser will go farther and farther on the international road”

From customer, Carolina Doronio

“The machine is stable and our boss wants a second device”

From customer, Berting Ruiz