Han’s Laser Laser CNC System

Long-term commitment to the research of control technology and control system, based on the field of intelligent manufacturing, to provide equipment manufacturers with a complete set of intelligent control solutions centered on the numerical control system. The main products include CNC systems, industrial software, vision systems, height adjustment systems, functional hardware, etc. Its products have been widely used in laser processing, aluminum alloy processing, woodworking processing and other fields.

Kernel CNC System

The CNC system is a core CNC system with fully independent intellectual property rights, supports the EtherCAT bus communication protocol, is equipped with gantry axis, follow-up, laser power control, leapfrog, flying cutting and other laser cutting general control functions and high-power special process control process, interpolation The period is 500us.
The IPC is equipped with I5 six-generation 4-core CPU, 8G memory, WIN10 IOT operating system and its special customized industrial control motherboard. shock.

HAN’S 1001

Autonomous CNC System

A new generation of CNC system with independent intellectual property rights, adopts Intel quad-core high-performance CPU platform, cooperates with fanless airtight fin cooling industrial computer, uses high-performance motion control algorithm, integrates adaptive trajectory data processing, S-shaped speed planning, multi-axis interpolation Coordination and other functions can greatly improve the performance of the system under the premise of ensuring stability.

HAN’S 801