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(Firmly believe in “advancing with the times”)

Thank you for visiting Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group, we have prepared valuable resources, including general basic knowledge about the enterprise, laser equipment, service and support, to promote your awareness of our products and corporate culture. In the face of fierce market competition, Han’s people are ready to meet future challenges and firmly believe in “advancing with the times”.

Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Han’s Laser. It has become a comprehensive, professional and advanced laser intelligent equipment service provider in the world, providing a full range of laser cutting equipment and its solutions and services for the field of intelligent manufacturing. Committed to let lasers enter life, lasers change the world, and intelligently create industrial interconnection. Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group always keeps innovating based on customer needs, manufactures equipment with extreme standards, serves the market with precise special planes, and joins hands with ecological partners to open up and win-win, and create extraordinary value for customers.

Global Service Network

Sales and service agencies have been established in more than 30 countries and regions to provide high-quality products and high-quality and efficient services to global users.


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