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Han’s Laser Technical Support

Serve the world with heart

Han’s Laser masters the world’s advanced laser processing technology and process, thus guiding the development of laser processing technology and the direction of industrial development. There are more than 100 offices and 4 spare parts centers in the territory, and through the systematic network management, the localization and convenience of customer service are realized, and timely, efficient and systematic services are provided for new and old customers.

(Technical Support)

Pre-sales advice:


Provide customers with various information consulting services about products at any time through the Internet/telephone/letter/door-to-door and other channels.


Customers can visit the company to inspect, visit laboratories and exhibition halls; the company provides professional staff for reception.


One of the most complete laser welding laboratories in the world, equipped with a professional welding technical team. We are ready to solve your problems.

Sale Service:

Provide users with a complete set of product operation instructions; conduct on-the-spot inspections of users’ processing sites, and assist users in planning and designing production sites, as well as water, electricity, and gas equipment according to the actual situation on site; provide users with multiple technical training.

Before delivery, provide system training for user operators on basic laser theory, equipment operation, maintenance and safety protection; when the equipment arrives at the user’s installation site, further training for user operators will be carried out simultaneously with installation and commissioning to ensure operation The personnel are proficient in the operation procedures of the equipment and put into full production.

  • Professional Technical Guidance

  • 3D Layout Demo
  • Clear Delivery Plan

  • 24 Hours Online Training

  • Service Quick Response

  • Customized Personalized Service

After Sales Support:

Warranty Commitment
The whole set of equipment is installed and debugged at the user’s site, and the warranty is one year from the date of acceptance

Quick Response
The information-based hand management system responds quickly within 2 hours, and the telephone consultation is available 7*24 hours

Warranty Commitment
As one of the few vertical integrators of laser welding equipment in the world, our engineers are proficient in technology and can provide users with one-stop service

Three Free Services
free training
free installation
Free software upgrades