Excellent R&D Process Design

Han’s Laser collaborates with domestic leading laser laboratory and constantly invest in laser technology and automation applications, simulation system and other software and hardware facilities.

R&D personnel account for 30% of the total number of employees,and R&D investment accounts for 10% of the company‘s total revenue.

Our R&D culture is guided by project management through 6 procedures of project initiation,evaluation,project starting,protoype innovation, feasibility report,MPV and R&D project closure.The final R&D product starts production.We have established a system of understanding and problem solving which reduces waste and reinforces personal responsibility.

More Than Assembling

More Than Assembling

All manufacturing lines are established based on high-end numerical machining centers. Han’s Laser hes invested RMB 0.4B into a world-class precise-oriented production center that generates core components of laser-related parts and crucial machine main parts to be a part of our final laser machines.

The center has 10 Mitsubishi 5-axis machining centers,an inspection room with Zeiss and Hexagon coordinate measuring machines, 120+Mazak, Okuma,and DMG machines,and a fully automatic horizontal machining line manufactures precision parts or curved surface parts day and night. Our machine is reliable because of its powerful machining and innovative mechanical design capabilities

A Glance at Quality Control

All inspections processes are verified by ISO 9001:2015, Han’s Laser re-assessed every step of the machine part manufacturing with complete and Safety Check Procedures.We choose ZEISS and Hexagon coordinate measurement machine and let machine scan and contour part surface automatically.We also have inspectors who double gauge parts to ensure the parts precision. This is our commitment to reliable.

Constantly Innovated Technologies

With the laser cutting test in Han’s Laser lab,our researchers test 100 times the effciency of laser cutting on sheet metals belovw 40mm thickness has increased by 100%.

The materials include mild steel,stainless steel,and aluminum.Our latest HF MIX-M algorithm can automatically mix gas according to the laser resonator and machine’s status to adjust all gas amounts to reach a balance that can reduce gas consumption and enhance cutting results