Unattended Fully Automatic Loading and Unloading System

Save manpower with automation and save space with compact layout. Ingenuity, classic renewal,Multifunctional aggregation, quality upgrade.

ALU (Core Advantage)

Independent research and development

Smart Security

Modular Design

Mature Technology

1As one of the leaders in the field of laser cutting flexible automatic production lines, Han’s pioneered and deeply cultivated automation technology for more than ten years, breaking the foreign monopoly.

2Originated from classics, but not limited to classics. Both the cutting machine system and the intelligent scheduling control system of the production line are independently developed by Han’s. The deeply integrated control system can automatically schedule and allocate production plans. The efficiency is 35%-50% higher.

3Multi-energy” for fully automated online production
1. The magazine replenishment table is equipped with weighing and height-limiting functions to prevent employees from operating errors and ensure the first step into automation safely.

41. Independent control of a single suction cup, flexible partitioning, adapting to more sheet specifications and formats of customers, in exchange for a more comfortable experience for customers at high cost.

2. Independent control of a single suction cup, flexible partitioning, adapting to more sheet specifications and formats of customers, in exchange for a more comfortable experience for customers at high cost.

3. Tens of thousands of “boards” can be divided. The self-patented function of the board is powerful. It has a self-patented mechanical splitting device, a vibration splitting device, supplemented by a material shaking function and a magnet splitting function, which is suitable for most materials in the market. splitting needs.

4. Accurate thickness measurement to ensure a single sheet production, to prevent miscutting the sheet and damage the equipment during the production process

5. The feeding device is equipped with an anti-fall function to prevent safety accidents caused by the plate falling off due to abnormal power failure and gas failure.

6.Independent research and development of intelligent scheduling control software “FMS4.0”, with various photoelectric switches set up on the entire production line, the logic is rigorous, providing strong support for the stable operation of automation equipment!

7. Complete optional functions such as anti-scratch, workpiece traceability (labeling, marking), etc. need to be customized, and everything is available.

Modular Design Reserves More Possibilities for Individual Needs

1According to the required free combination of parts, optional raw material trolley, single row, double row and multi-row warehouse.

2The expansion interface is reserved, and the production line can be extended according to the subsequent production capacity, and machines can be added to realize 1-to-N, paving the way for subsequent intelligent digital workshops.

Truly realize unattended safe production

High and low double-layer sorting table, the unloading weight can reach 4 tons, which is convenient for manual centralized sorting to avoid manual sorting waiting

From production scheduling, programming, raw material storage, loading, thickness measurement, cutting, unloading to waste transfer, it supports fully automated production.

Equipped with safety fences and various safety interlock switches to prevent personnel from entering the work area by mistake when the system is fully automatic and ensure the safe operation of the system.

Efficient and orderly operation of the system
The overall control system of the production line is divided into three parts: loading and unloading control system, cutting machine numerical control system and FMS intelligent dispatching control system, all of which are independently developed by Han’s and have higher compatibility. The global status of the device can be controlled in real time with one-key control.

Automatic loading and unloading control system
The German PLC controller is adopted, and the composition of each system through the ProfiNet protocol conforms to the IEC international standard. The program structure is modularized and standardized, and the generalization and upgrading are convenient; it has good self-diagnosis and self-processing functions, and provides rich abnormality monitoring and monitoring such as insufficient material warning. Alarm function.

FMS intelligent dispatching control system

  • Support static and dynamic task scheduling modes
  • Coordinate automatic loading and unloading and orderly automatic operation of machine tools
  • Highly flexible automatic processing, high degree of configurability

Optimal combination 1+1>2

The entire production line has a unified design, neat and orderly layout, equipped with cutting auxiliary machines in the attic, neat and orderly wiring, combined with automatic operation, it is very easy to visit!

Automatic Warehouse

Automatically supply raw materials and plates, realize the layered management of plates according to thickness, and automatically move and prepare materials according to the plan, and realize automatic storage of raw materials of more than 100 tons at most.

Feeding manipulator

The structural main frame is a high-rigidity profile welded structure, equipped with guiding devices and transmission mechanisms. Both ends of the upward lifting limit stroke are equipped with stroke induction switches and anti-collision devices to ensure safe operation.

Unloading manipulator

The material fork part adopts high-quality steel structure, and heat treatment is carried out after machining to improve the strength of a single material fork, and the load capacity is stronger.


Through welding, rough machining, vibration aging, finishing and other processes, the stress caused by welding and machining can be eliminated, and the long-term high-load stable operation of the equipment can be guaranteed.


Technical Parameters
Specifications ALU3015-B ALU4020-B
Floor area
(length x width x height) unit: m
One for one: 15x10x4.5 One for one: 18x12x4.5
One for two: 20x10x4.5 One for two: 24x12x4.5
One for three: 26x10x4.5 One for three: 30x12x4.5
One for four: 31x10x4.5 One for four: 36x12x4.5
Applicable sheet specifications <3mx1.5mx20mm <4mx2mx16mm
Weight limit/height limit for single layer of warehouse 3T/90mm
The maximum lifting speed of the plate in the warehouse 12m/min
The maximum horizontal speed of the plate in the warehouse 15m/min
Maximum horizontal speed of manipulator 60m/min
Manipulator maximum lifting speed 8m/min
The maximum load capacity of high and low raw material trolleys 4t