Build a car’s hard “armor”

Han’s Laser is also seizing the opportunities brought by the wave of new energy vehicles, empowering the high-quality development of new energy vehicle enterprise users with core technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights, and helping the rise of the new energy vehicle industry!

Auto parts processing flow

By the Da Clan coil laser cutting machine to complete the uncoiling material>leveling>feeding>cutting>discharge, integrated automatic assembly line, in one step.

The trimming and hole cutting of the 3D parts after hot stamping is carried out by GrandTech 3D five-axis laser cutting machine.

Flat Blanking

Hot Stamping

Three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting

Application of Han’s Laser Laser Cutting Machine in Auto Parts Manufacturing

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Laser cut workpiece

Machines that give you a competitive edge when producing all major vehicle components: chassis, body, engine, exhaust.

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