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Stainless steel deep processing

October 11th, 2023|All, Customer Case|

Stainless Steel Deep Processing (28/4/2023) Cutting and welding seamless "The higher the cost, the lower the profit. "Products are homogenized, competition is fierce, and value-added declines dramatically. "Market demand is increasing day by day. Capacity constraints [...]


50kW Laser Cutting Machine

September 15th, 2023|All, Customer Case|

Ten thousand watts of new realm "five" and comparable (50,000 watts of laser cutting machine) (15/9/2023) On September 6, the new dual-machine product of Daqo Laser Intelligent Equipment Group's ultra-high-speed magnetic levitation cutting machine and 50,000-watt laser [...]


Laser Cutting and Coal Mining Machinery

May 12th, 2023|All, Customer Case|

GREEN MANUFACTURING, LASER ASSISTS COAL MINING MACHINERY Plasma Equipment and Laser Cutting (12/5/2023) Intelligent Transformation At present, the demand of coal mining enterprises for high-reliability, intelligent and green coal machinery equipment is further strengthened, which [...]


Laser cutting helps logistics factories

April 14th, 2023|All, Customer Case|

Laser Cutting Machine for Automotive Production (Laser Cutting Production Line) Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group has created an intelligent laser cutting production line for CIMC Vehicles Terabyte Van Business Group to facilitate the digital, intelligent and automated production of [...]