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Transformation of the metal processing industry

Recently, Guangdong Tieren Cloud Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a metal processing cloud platform project invested and constructed by Guangdong Chuangxing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., officially opened. Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group’s fully automatic cutting production line was put into operation in the Tieren Cloud production workshop to help precision Metal structural parts processing and digital transformation.

About AS (American Standard) Plates

About AS (American Standard) Plates (22/2/2024) American Standard (AS) plates are typically available in a variety of sizes, including inch sizes.



What is Laser Ultrahigh Power?

What is laser ultrahigh power? (22/2/2024) “Laser high power” refers to lasers that operate at high levels of optical output power.



OD 5+ Laser Glass Windows

OD 5+ Laser Safety Window (22/2/2024) OD 5+ laser glass windows are designed to offer very high levels of protection against laser radiation.



T6022D Laser Cutting Machine

T6022D Laser cutting machine
A new generation of “luxury benchmark” is launched



Laser Cutting Process Analysis

Laser cutting process analysis In the rapid development of the physical processing industry, laser cutting as an indispensable part of the entire processing process, has an extremely wide range of markets.



The Process of Cutting

The process of cutting Laser cutting process refers to a series of processes in which finished products are processed by laser cutting equipment through software programming, process setting and other methods in accordance with the drawings.



Ultra-High Power Dedicated Solutions

Ultra-high power dedicated solutions (29/12/2023) If you want to break through in an environment where the laser equipment market is highly homogeneous, relying solely on improvements in hardware performance is far from enough.



Three-Dimensional Five-Axis Laser Cutting Machine

3D 5-Axis Laser Cutting Machine (20/12/2023) Three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting, automotive parts and accessories processing and manufacturing, laser equipment technology services in one of the intelligent production equipment. 



Laser Cutting Helps Indian Elevators

Laser cutting helps Indian elevators (28/4/2023) A well-known elevator manufacturing company in India held a start-up ceremony for its laser pipe cutting machines.



Han’s Laser Exhibition Information

Chicago – McCormick Place

Han’s Laser North America is showcasing the latest technologies dedicated to the manufacturing industry, including,HF Series – Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with 8kW fiber laser,Laser Automation- Onsite consulting services and basic factory consulting service

Photonix 2022 International Laser & Photonics Expo

Makuhari Messe,Tokyo,Japan

December 07-09 2022

MTA Vietnam 2022

Saigon Exhibition & Convention Centher SECC

July 06-09 2022

Automation Expo 2022

Bombay Exhibition Center NESCO ,Goregaon, Mumbai ,Maharashtra 400063,India

August 16-19 2022

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