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Integrity Supervision

Integrity Supervision

Let us Act Together to Create a Good Cooperation Environment and Provide Users With a Good way of Cooperation

In order to promote Han’s Laser’s integrity culture, enhance employees’ integrity awareness and anti-corruption ability, the group has specially established a discipline inspection and supervision committee to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company and individuals, and supervise and supervise the behavior management of various business departments, subsidiaries, holding companies and employees. Escort the development of the company. The Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Committee encourages all employees, business partners and social units to supervise and report disciplinary violations by business units, subsidiaries, holding companies and individuals.

In order to ensure that all units and individuals exercise their right to supervise and report, the reports accepted by the Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Committee will be kept strictly confidential. To this end, the Group provides the following institutional guarantees:

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