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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

MPS Series

The MPS-CA series and MPS-DA series products are easy to operate and intelligent; adopt the professional digital control system developed by Han’s MP, which realizes the characteristics of good performance, high reliability and convenient operation of the HANS digital control system. They are mainly used for cutting medium and thin Metal plate. It has an open structure, superior performance, stability and high cost performance.



MPS Precision

HF Series

The high-speed fiber laser cutting machine focuses on 10kW of laser cutting and stable cutting of thick plates, and can meet the requirements of 30kW of ultra-high power cutting. It is equipped with three core components: CNC system, laser source, and laser cutting head to achieve vertical integration of key technologies.

High Speed-HF 50

High Power-HF

High Power-HS

G Series

G Series


Universal series-GJ

O Series

K Series

GIANT Series

Laser Tube Cutting Machine

MPS-T5A and TD series laser pipe cutting machines are high-configuration, high-performance fiber laser pipe cutting machines tailored for the laser cutting market by Han’s Laser Intelligent Equipment Group, which can cut thin and thick metal pipes.



Bevel series-PD

Heavy Type–PX

Bending Machine

HBS, HBC series bending machine, high speed, low energy consumption, high safety, specially designed for customers who need low energy consumption and high efficiency. Configurable according to requirements, V-axis hydraulic compensation, grating ruler.



Laser Welding

MPS-HWA(Laser welding)

MPS-CCA(Three in one welding)

3D Laser Cutting Machine

Three-dimensional five-axis-W3015D


Compliant with the following materials for use in cutting applications

Aluminum laser cutting machine、sheet metal laser cutting、metal laser cutting、industrial laser cutting、steel laser cutting、laser cut metal、iron cutting laser、cnc metal laser cutting、laser iron cutting machine、laser cut plate、laser cutting steel、copper laser cutting、