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Universal (series)

Closed Universal Laser Cutting Machine

Universal G

G3015 /G4020 /G6020 /G8025 /G10025 /G13030

F series CNC laser cutting system, compound acceleration can be up to 2.5G, dramatically increasing efficiency of complex processing.

Classic (Laser Cutting Machine) F

G3015F /G4020F /G6020F

Comprehensive cost performance is super high, defining the performance of the flagship fiber laser cutting machine

Universal G – J


Gantry structure laser cutting machine,cost-saving model

Universal G – O

G3015-O /G4020-O /G6020-O /G6025O /G8025-O /G10025-O /G12025-O

Dual-Platform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Universal G – K

G3015-K /G4020-K /G6020-K /G6025K 

GIANT Series

Large-format Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, can be customized for 12m-50m length cutting, and the width can reach 2.5m-5m



Large-format Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, can be customized for 12m-16m length cutting, and the width can reach 2.5m-3m



Board System(series)

MPS-CA series products feature easy and intelligent operation; The professional digital control system developed by Han’s MP is adopted to realize the characteristics of good performance, high reliability and convenient operation of the HANS digital control system.

MPS(Laser Cutting Machines) – CA

MPS – 3015CA /4020CA /6020CA

MPS-DA series is one of the flagship products of Han’s super laser equipment. It is mainly used for cutting thin and medium metal plates. It has an open structure, superior performance, stability and high cost performance.

MPS(Laser Cutting Machines) – DA

MPS – 3015DA /4020DA /6020DA

MPS-0806DP series products are the first choice for the small sheet metal processing industry. This series of cutting machines has high cutting efficiency, beautiful incisions, low operating costs and powerful operating software. Advanced flexible machining tools required for machining.

MPS(Laser Cutting Machine) – Precision

MPS – 0806D /0806DA /0806DP

High Power(series)

High-speed, high-power magnetic levitation laser cutting machine, cutting acceleration can reach 5G, professional laser cutting.

High-Speed (HF50)

HF – G3015 /G4020

High-speed fiber laser cutting machine, 10,000-watt-level cutting expert technology library

High Power (Laser Cutting Machine)HF

HF – G3015 /G4020 /G6025 /G8025 /G10025 /G12025

HF series high-speed fiber laser cutting machine focuses on 10,000W laser cutting and stable cutting of thick plates, and can meet the requirements of 30,000W ultra-high power cutting.

High Power (Laser Cutting Machine)S

S – G4020 /G6025 /G8025 /G10025 /G12025 /G12030

S series high-speed fiber laser cutting machine is one of the best products of Han’s Laser. Three core components are configured: CNC system, laser source and laser cutting head to achieve vertical integration of key technologies.