The process of cutting

Laser cutting process refers to a series of processes in which finished products are processed by laser cutting equipment through software programming, process setting and other methods in accordance with the drawings. According to the order of processing can be divided into CAM program output, laser process method selection and parameter setting and laser cutting equipment to implement the three main processes.

Processing drawings → CAM program output → selection of laser process methods and parameter settings → laser cutting equipment execution → processing of finished products

1) CAM program output

When the understanding of the workpiece drawings and specifications, first of all, the drawings should be processed accordingly, the visualization of the image information into the machine can be identified by the program code information, that is, the program output. Through the CAM software – CNCKAD, the workpiece drawings in accordance with the corresponding specifications for processing, processing is completed through the software to generate the corresponding program code.

①Import the drawings into the CAM software, process the lines inside the drawings according to the actual needs, and program the drawings according to the specifications of the plates and parts using the appropriate technology.

② After processing the required process, you can output the program and perform program simulation, and you can adjust the playback speed to see if the program process is reasonable.

2) Selection of laser process method and parameter setting

In the laser cutting process, the material and thickness of the processed plate varies, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium alloy and so on. In the process, according to the actual conditions to choose the appropriate process method in order to achieve the best cutting effect.

According to the auxiliary gas classification, laser cutting is roughly divided into oxygen cutting, nitrogen cutting, air cutting and inert gas cutting; according to the focal point classification, it can be divided into high focal point cutting and negative focal point cutting.
For different process methods, the specifications of the cutting nozzle, the speed of laser cutting and the appearance of the cutting surface will also make a difference, so it is necessary to determine the required processing technology according to the actual production requirements, the corresponding parameter settings, and replacement of the cutting nozzle.

3) Laser cutting equipment implementation

When the parts processing program is ready, and set up a good cutting process, you can use the laser cutting machine tool for parts processing. After completing the preparatory work before laser cutting, the program will be programmed into the machine computer folder, in the production interface to select the processing program, select a good program, select the appropriate process parameters in the process interface, to determine the cutting nozzle is correct before the start of laser cutting!