Metal Laser Cutting  Machine

Available power:6kW-20kW

Standard container delivery

Self-developed CNC system

Hollow structure machine frame

“Zoning” ventilation

Rigid and Sturdy Strcture

The bed and beam of the equipment are made of high-strength carbon steel and are roughly machined after an-nealing to eliminate internal stress.They are then finely ma-chined after secondary vibration aging treatment,which greatly ensures the stability of the whole machine.Additional-ly,the bed has a high and low position form and a hollow structure,which effectively eliminates heat conduction during cutting and ensures lasting stability and high precision.

Space Magician
40GP Less Occupation

The cabinrt is integrated with the machine,occu-pies little space,is flexible in placement,easy to install and maintain,effectively improves the utili-zation rate of the production space,and the packaging and transportation only use 40GP,ef-fectively reducing the operation cost.

Integrated Cabinet
Industrial Grade Air Conditioner

Keeping electrical components at a constant temperature maximizes their service life and aviods prob-lems such as short ciruits caused by fan cooling.

Smart Zoning Ventilation

Double-row and four-row independent dust removal area is equipped with several high seal-ing dampers,which intelligently follow the cutting work to open and close automatically and effciently.with good ventilation and dust removal effect.

Automatic Oil Pumping

Thanks to the new electronic control device,the double table mechanical structure achieves automatic oil pump-ing that saves the manual lubrication process,improving production effciency,and ensuring the reliability of the operation.

Laser Cutting Parameter

Working area (L*W) 3000mm*1500mm(60″*120″)
Repeatability(x/y) ±0.03mm
Max.Axis positioning speed(x/y) 120m/min
Max.Acceleration(x/y) 1.6G
Max.Load weight 1400k/pcs(Customization Available)
Dimensions(L*W*H) 8000mm*2800mm*2000mm


Industrial Applications

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