High productivity laser cutting machine

Laser Cutting Available Power: 6 kW – 60 kW

Laser Safety

Laser Cutting Accessible

Fully Enclosed machine with OD5+ laser glass windows:

Protect the eves and skin from laser radiation;

Reduce the noise pollution;

Reduce the cutting smoke pollution;

Provide a good working environment;

More Accessible & More Flexible

Tanks to adjustable operating terminal & front door + long side sliding door design,easy loading/unloading.for variety of small piece,shorter response times for Demo-cut.

Laser Cutting Extremely Fast

High-Dynamic & High-Productivity

Thanks to optimized frame & extruded aluminum gantry design equipped with “Han’s 901 (Rexroth)”faster/real-time controller and powerful Rexroth motors HF Expert reach a very high speed and high acceleration,more parts output in the same amount of time!

High-precision Laser Cutting

More reliability & stability

Professional manufacturing process quipped with

high-precision core transmission components,

long-term life time of components, good

dimensional accuracy of parts.

Laser Cutting Machine for Containers

Maintenance-friendly access, easy to install.

Electrical cabinet ⁄ laser source ⁄ pneumatic system ⁄ lubrication

system ⁄ table Drive motorsall integrated in Main Frame, is flexible in

placement, easy to install and maintain, effectively improves the

utilization rate of the production space, reduce machine footprint,

saving shipping costs.

Ultra-High Power Suitable Laser Cutting

Hollow structure machine bad (G3015 HF EXPERT)

Ultra High power Up to 60kW suitable, avoid the risk of high power lasers heat deformation, Higher Power

leads to Higher Productivity, ensures the long-term, stable and efficient operation.

Heavy Duty Laser Cutting Machine Body

Hydronic lifting exchange table (Optional)

Bevel cutting is available by using hydronic lifting exchange table

Two tables can pull out of cutting area at the same time;

Easy to do maintains iob inside the machine:

Loading & unloading on the table does not affect the other ;

Ensure good cutting quality when the other table is loading or unloading;

Good Working Environment for Laser Cutting

Separation dust suction system

The multi-zone suction comes with good dust removal effect by area, which intelligently distributes the air volume of each

exhaust outlet to each partition structure and effectively improve the suction and dust removal capacity of the processing

area. It also reliable to reduce the risk of contamination of the cutting head that keep your working area clean.

Gas mixing cabinet patent of Han’s Laser (Optional)

Mix-M process function: equipped with a 20kW or higher power laser, suitable for rapid cutting of 10~40mm carbon steel,

solving the problem of traditional medium and thick plate cutting sections and corner slag hanging, effectively improving,

the upper and lower taper and roughness of the workpiece, greatly improving processing efficiency and workpiece accuracy;

  • Cut speed is faster than cut with compressed air:
  • Cut Plate is thicker than cut with compressed air;
  • Cut quality is better than cut with compressed air;


Plate Lifting and Adjusting Device (Optional)

  • Anti-scratch the underside of the sheet;
  • Easy to load and adjust the plate ;
  • Ensure a good cut quality especially for stainless steel and aluminum;

Automation Solutions for Laser Cutting

Strong technical support and many project experience, offer various automation solutions according tocustomer reguirement.

G3015 HF Expert G4020HF HF Expert G6025HF Expert G8025HF Expert
Working Area 3100mmx1600mm 4100mmx2100mm 6200mmx2600mm 8200mmx2600mm
Max. Axis positioning speed (X/Y) 280m/min 280m/min 160m/min 160m/min
Max. Acceleration 3g 3g 2.5g 2.5g
Precision 0.03mm 0.03mm 0.03mm 0.03mm
Repetitiveness 0.02m/min 0.02m/min 0.02m/min 0.02m/min
Max. sheet weight 2150kg/table 3840kg/table 7200kg/table 9600kg/table

Available laser power :6kW ⁄ 12kW ⁄ 20kW ⁄ 30kW ⁄ 40kW ⁄ 50kW ⁄ 60kW



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