Difference between H-steel and I-beam


The flange of I-beam is a variable cross-section which is thicker at the web and thinner at the outside; the flange of H-beam is an equal cross-section.

The use of I-beam is equivalent to HN-beam.

1) I-beam steel, whether ordinary or light, due to the cross-section size are relatively high, narrow, so the moment of inertia of the two main sleeves of the cross-section of the difference is large, therefore, generally can only be used directly for bending members in the plane of its web or will be composed of lattice-type force members. For axial compression members or perpendicular to the plane of the web and bending members should not be used, which makes it in the scope of application has a great limitation.

2) H-beam belongs to high-efficiency economic cross-section profiles (other cold-formed thin-walled steel, compression steel plate, etc.), due to the fair shape of the cross-section, they can make the steel play a higher role in the performance of the progress of the load-bearing capacity. Different from the ordinary I-beam is h-beam flange widening, and the inner and outer surfaces are usually parallel, so that it can be easy to use high-strength bolts and other components connected. Its size constitutes a fair series, complete models, easy to design and selection.

3) H-beam flange are equal thickness, there are rolled section, there are also by 3 plates welded to form a combination of cross-section. I-beam are rolled cross-section, due to poor production process, the inner edge of the flange has a 1:10 slope. H-beam rolling is different from ordinary I-beam only with a set of horizontal rolls, due to its wider flange and no slope (or slope is very small), so it is necessary to set up a group of vertical rolls at the same time for roll rolling, so its rolling process and equipment are more complex than the ordinary rolling mill. Domestic production of the largest rolled h-beam height of 800mm, more than can only be a combination of welded cross-section.

Selection of steel materials must be based on the actual working conditions demand selection, for example: in the cave vault support selection of I-beam flat bending arch, in some mechanical walking track using I-beam as a track. But in the steel structure of the plant support columns choose H-beam.

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