H12560BF Section Steel Cutting Production Line


H12560BF steel cutting production line is a combination of high power fiber laser cutting technology and Rexroth CNC system.
Fiber laser cutting application technology, using Rexroth multi-axis linkage numerical control system

It adopts Rexroth multi-axis CNC system for secondary development of H-bevel cutting function, equipped with self-developed oscillating head device and automatic loading and unloading system, which perfectly connects with Tekla 3D nesting software, realizing one-time continuous completion of cutting such as cutting off, round holes, locking, bevel, marking and other features of beams, and it is suitable for large-size and heavy-duty H-beam, channel steel, and I-beam three-dimensional fiber laser cutting equipment.

Main laser power: 12000W/20000W/30000W
Maximum processing range: H-steel 1250mm*600mm

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