Large Weight Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Product Features

Real”0″leftover for heavy tubes and profiles

Maximum load of 1500kg

Bus control, fast response, high efficiency

Performance Parameter

Processing range


Max.load capacity


X/Y axis rapid traverse speed


Max.material length


·Tri-chucks heavy duty tube cutting machine

Heavy tubes and profiles processing with real “0” leftover; heavy tube processing technology,maximum load 1500KG,bus control technology,fast response and high efficiency.

·Four-chuck heavy-duty tube cutting machine

The advantage of the four chucks is that the materal can be placed in any area within the stroke range.The four chucks can be used to change direction of cutting, and a variety of holding methods can be used to achieve “0” scrap easily.Intelligent management system conduct orderly output,preventing collision and injury from tube falling


Industrial Applications

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