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Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Mchine

Product Features

Automatic workflow smart manufacturing system

Self-developed CNC system

Tube laser processing database

Compatible with tubes and profiles processing

Performance Parameter

Processing range


Max. load capacity


Max. material length


Max. speed(A,B axis)


X/Y axis rapid traverse speed


Techincal Advantages

Techincal Advantages

Real-time monitoring,data analysis and status alarming

Cutting effciency

X,Y,Z linear axes and A and B rotary axes are all equipped with high-torque servo motors imported form Gemany,together with HAN’s patented automatic loading and unloading system,which provides low loading noise,good stability and large processing efficiency.

Extendable options

Optional functions contains profile cutting and several special-shaped tubes.

Mechanical chuck

The mechanical chuck is well-enclosed to ensure the precise operation of the internal structure for 24h.The chuck is equipped with a fixed cylinder that provides a constant clamping force to ensure accurate clamping every and intelligence..The chuck is equipped with an internal air extraction system for more environmen-tally friendly processing of tubes and less deformation.


Industrial Applications

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