Hand-held Laser Welding Machine

Available power:1500w-3000w

Beautiful Seams

High-quality Connection

Easy to Use

Save Time & Cut Costs

What are the advantages of laser welding?-

Do you have the following problems?

At present most sheet metal operations still use argon arc welding and other traditional welding methods.Traditional welding has various defects and belongs to the extensive and high energy consumption operation method.In traditional welding operations.there is significant environmental pollution,unattractive welds.high damage rates,complex operations,and low effciency.

Weld scars are obvious and require a second grinding effort.

High heat and dangerous to operate

Time consuming and labor costly

Han’s Hand-held Laser Welding Machine-

Provide outstanding quality for you!

The DZW-Pro hand-held laser welding machine has beautifulweld seams, and avoids the cost investment caused by secondary processing. Easy to operate. capable of multi-dimensionalwelding. flexible and convenient, comibined with fast weldingspeed, high quality energy conservation and environmentalprotection, it will certainly improve the sheet metal processingto a new level, and the welding will be more efficient!

Small for Space-saving-

  • The entire machine adopts an integrated design, with achiller, laser, control panel, and modular system integratedinto one. It has a small volume, a sturdy and deformationresistant structure, a beautiful appearance, and stableperformance.
  • The internal design is agile, with modular control and a goodinteractive control system. The left and right detachable cardfilter screen design enhances heat dissipation. prolongsservice life, and facilitates disassembly and cleaning of thefilter screen.

Easy to Move

  • Four universa wheels and four bouckes at the bottom, oil resistant. stain resistant impact resistant. reliable and durable. easv tomove, and fixed at any time.
  • 1500/2000W uses 25um core diameter 10 meter optical fiber, 3000W uses 50um 12 meter optical fiber, and ultra long opticalfiber enables welding of large workpieces and various working conditions.


  • The welding gun is lightweight and weighs only 0.7kg, making it more flexible to operate. Adopting ergonomic design methodsthe grip of the tigers mouth is comfortable without fatigue, with more flexible operation and easier to use. Further optimization ofoptical structure, integrated design with multiple functions such as continuous welding. spot welding, fish scale welding. rustremoval. weld cleaning. and cutting.
  • Precision monitoring
    A)l parameters are visible. rea-time monitoring of motor drive temperature, protection mirror temperature, colimation mirortemperature status, setting multiple safety alarms avoiding problems in advance. facilitating troubleshooting and resolving faultsand ensuring stable operation of handheld welding heads.
  • Efficient and convenient maintenance
    The protective mirror and focusing mirror are designed in a drawer style, with an additional motor maintenance window. Thecollimator and OBH are integrated in design, and can be plugged in or replaced at any time on site.


1500W 2000W 3000W
Max sheet Thickness Stainless steel: 0.6-4.0mm
Carbon steel: 0.6-5.0mm
Aluminium: 0.6-3.0mm
Stainless steel: 0.6-5.0mm
Carbon steel: 0.6-60mm
Stainless steel: 0.6-8.0mm

Carbon steel: 0.6-8.0mm

Aluminium: 0.6-6.0mm

Max Power of Whole Machine 8.5kW 11kW 11kw
Laser Wavelength 1064±10nm 1064±10nm 1064±10nm
Welding Speed 0-600cm/min
Welding Crack Without filler wire welding,≤0.3 Without filler wire welding,≤0.5
Power Supply AC220V.50Hz AC220V.50Hz AC380V.50Hz
Ambient Temperature 10°C-40C
Ambient Humidity <70%(No condensation)
Machine Weight 102kg 111kg 145kg
Size(W*D*H) L1080*W580*H780mm L1080*W580*H780mm L1100*W580*H900mm

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