Laser cutting helps Indian elevators


A well-known elevator manufacturing company in India held a start-up ceremony for its laser pipe cutting machines. Another batch of Han’s high-speed laser pipe cutting machines were officially put into production in the customer’s workshop, helping customers create high-quality elevator products.

P6026D Laser Tube Cutting Machine


The chuck is driven by 4 sets of cylinders, with large clamping force. Each set of jaws can be controlled independently, and the pipe can be accurately centered.
High repeatability of the jaws
Clamp replacement is quick and there is no need to check the accuracy. Equipped with digital detection function, the processing is more reliable and safe.

Multi-tube semi-automatic loading

The customer selects multi-pipe semi-automatic loading single time can be discharged more than one pipe (the number of pipes according to the size of the pipe) to effectively reduce the frequency of loading, improve processing efficiency modular design, but also according to the needs of the optional different loading methods

Pipe Follow-up Support

Adopting Daqi’s patented servo assisted support device to ensure effective support and prevent pipe sagging by always following the pipe rotation and floating up and down in real time during cutting.
Improve processing precision

Han’s self-developed CNC system

With a large laser expert cutting process parameter library and a humanized expert library parameter interface with a wealth of auxiliary functions for pipe cutting interpolation cycle 1MS, minimum PLC processing time 1MS.
Faster response and higher efficiency

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