“Tube” is practical and super cost-effective



compact structure

new look

built-in laser

higher degree

Automatic slag blocking

The new color matching configuration is further upgraded

Front and rear self-centering chuck

Han’s HL Series Lasers

Han’s HL fiber laser core components are self-developed, with good beam quality and electro-optical conversion High rate, wide modulation frequency range, strong anti-high reaction ability, high stability and reliability, processing Good effect, maintenance-free operation and other advantages, while meeting customer needs, and can Provide personalized customization services.

Han’s fiber optic cutting head

Han’s Cutting Head Features:
-International leading technology, reliable and stable
-The internal structure of the laser head is completely sealed to prevent the optical part from being polluted by dust.
-The laser head adopts two-point centering adjustment, and the focus is imported
-The efficiency of the motor drive is significantly improved in piercing.
-The protective lens is installed in a drawer, which is easy to replace. Modular design, high precision and easy maintenance.
-It can be equipped with various lasers with QBH connectors.

Intelligent Control System

This system is a full-featured system specially customized by Han’s Super Energy for the gold processing industry.
Open loop control system. Easy installation, easy commissioning, excellent performance, complete solutions It is a fiber laser cutting control system with a relatively high market share at present.

Han’s special chiller

A variety of temperature control accuracy options to meet different needs
Optional temperature control accuracy is ±0.1°C, +10°C, ±2.5°C

Dual-temperature dual-circulation system, the temperature of each channel can be controlled independently (the temperature setting of the secondary circuit must be higher than that of the main circuit)

Efficient plate heat exchanger, national patented plate heat exchanger antifreeze technology

Efficient integrated “V” type sealed condenser

With water system, refrigeration system pressure indication

Finished products/tails are collected in different areas

Tails collection and finished product collection partitions are carried out independently

Laser built-in

Reducer wheel support

Adapt to different pipe diameters (diameter within 10~220) (square pipe 10*10~150*150), prevent the pipe from shaking.
Variable-diameter wheel support blanking: suitable for two-meter/three-meter finished product tailings, improving cutting accuracy.

Automatic slag stop mechanism

Reduce the residue on the inner wall of the pipe to ensure the cutting quality of the finished product

Optional semi-automatic feeding mechanism

Standardized module design of the whole set of equipment, feeding device: optional semi-automatic feeding; unloading device: optional 2m variable diameter wheel auxiliary blanking or 4m variable diameter wheel auxiliary blanking, etc.

Equipment size


It can be applied to the cutting of round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, oval tubes, polygonal tubes, grooved tubes, I-beams/H-beams, equilateral angle steels, and unequal angle steels. Laser power and semi-automatic feeding devices can be customized.


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