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Recently, Guangdong Tieren Cloud Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a metal processing cloud platform project invested and constructed by Guangdong Chuangxing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., officially opened. Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group’s fully automatic cutting production line was put into operation in the Tieren Cloud production workshop to help precision Metal structural parts processing and digital transformation.

Metal processing industry cloud platform

Guangdong Chuangxing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. It focuses on providing small batches, multiple varieties, complex processes, and high-precision customized precision metal structural parts to leading high-end equipment manufacturers at home and abroad. It is the first company in Nanhai in 2019. It is a national high-tech enterprise listed on the New Third Board and a national-level specialized and special “little giant” enterprise.

Chuangxing Precision is deeply involved in the processing and manufacturing of mechanical equipment supporting products, and its products are mainly “non-standard”. Non-standard metal processing is extremely difficult. The processing process involves non-standard materials, non-standard structures, non-standard processes and other issues, and the business processes are complex. Based on its own digital transformation and combined with the transformation pain points and blocking points of the non-standard metal processing industry, Chuangxing Precision launched the “Iron Man Cloud” metal processing industry cloud platform. This platform combines Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group’s sheet metal intelligent three-dimensional material warehouse flexible production line, links AGV logistics trolleys, and is supplemented by intelligent signboards to form a big data analysis center and create a digital smart factory to provide precision metal structural parts for companies in the metal processing industry. Processing orders and digital transformation services.

Sheet metal intelligent three-dimensional material warehouse flexible production line

Han’s Laser Intelligent Equipment Group’s sheet metal intelligent three-dimensional material warehouse flexible production line is composed of multi-row three-dimensional material warehouses, laser cutting machines, loading and unloading devices, raw material trolleys and other modules. It can realize production scheduling, programming, raw material storage, and loading. , fully automated production and planned processing from thickness measurement, cutting, blanking to scrap transfer.

Modern intelligent warehousing warehouse

  • One storage location can store up to 60 tons of boards

  • Three-dimensional storage, warehouse up to 20 floors

  • Compact structure, saving 60%-80% of site area

  • Weight detection, height detection, over-limit alarm

Fully automatic cutting production line

The warehouse is seamlessly connected to the fully automatic cutting production line. When there is a production task for the plates stored in the warehouse, the production plan is automatically scheduled and allocated, so that the plates can be automatically shipped out, loaded, cut, unloaded, and transferred, effectively adapting to the situation. Equipped with multiple batches and varieties of metal plate processing, it provides strong support for Tieren Cloud to undertake the processing of various precision metal structural parts. The loading link has functions such as plate separation, thickness measurement, and anti-falling to ensure accurate and safe production. The production line can also realize real-time monitoring of on-site equipment operating status, equipment production information statistics, report management and other functions, including time statistics, alarm statistics, workpiece statistics, start-up rate, complete set rate and other information, which can help Tieren Cloud management make the best decisions. Optimal production decisions.

  • Multiple cutting machines connected in line for fully automatic production

  • Freely combine parts as needed

  • Real-time control of global equipment status

  • Automatically schedule and distribute production tasks

The entire production line has a unified design and can be unattended, helping Tieren Cloud create a new smart manufacturing scenario of “drinking coffee while forging iron”. It is high-efficiency, high-precision, low-cost, and easy to operate, helping companies reduce labor and warehousing costs. Improve delivery speed, yield rate, warehouse management level and profit margin to help the high-quality development of the metal processing industry.

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