Ultra-high power dedicated solutions


If you want to break through in an environment where the laser equipment market is highly homogeneous, relying solely on improvements in hardware performance is far from enough.
The improvement of operating system is the core

Han’s Laser HAN’S 1201 high-power cutting system integrates “high-precision cutting + efficient production + convenient and intelligent management” to provide the best solutions to the problems in each link of the high-power laser cutting process, bringing “low loss, high efficiency” to customers “High performance, easy operation and management” extraordinary cutting experience.


HAN’S 1201 high-power cutting system reconstructs various basic modules such as performance scheduling, operation management, and production management. It has strong complex computing capabilities, fast communication speed, high reliability, and higher precision in controlling motor movement, achieving a significant improvement in performance. .

  • Under the same efficiency, cutting accuracy is improved by more than 50%

Full scan cycle 0.5ms

The HAN’S 1201 high-power cutting system has a comprehensive cycle time of 0.5ms from the motion control module, equipment status closed-loop monitoring module to the auxiliary function module. The computing speed exceeds imagination, the task instructions respond quickly, and it can achieve complete machine status monitoring, information processing efficiency and control accuracy. Achieve a synchronous jump.


The HAN’S1201 high-power cutting system interface better understands the needs of laser equipment operators. The scientific interface layout is optimized based on the usage habits of laser cutting equipment operators, making the operation more flexible and smooth, saving time and effort.

Necessary step keys and commonly used function keys are placed in conspicuous positions on the interface. There are no secondary or tertiary menus, allowing quick and free operations to improve production efficiency.

  • Customized 32-key handheld box with richer functions

01. Achieve more necessary quick operations for equipment operation, saving man-hours and costs;
02. Real-time display of equipment status greatly simplifies the operating procedures and improves processing efficiency.


  • Stand-alone MES
  • 1) Accurate statistics on the processing status of single machine equipment, including Kanban, production process nodes, etc.;
  • 2) Data analysis, table recording, etc. can be performed, and relevant data can be exported to local folders to facilitate customers to better understand processing information and conduct more scientific and effective production management.
  • 3) Achieve perfect coordination of people, equipment, and workpieces to help customers better deliver on time, improve product quality, and improve service quality

cost calculation

  • 1) Import production planning task orders with one click:
  • 2) One-click processing cost calculation;
  • 3) Support plate database customization and storage


  • Barometric calibration

Air pressure stability is one of the core elements of thick plate cutting. The HAN’S1201 high-power cutting system can support one-click calibration and manual air pressure calibration based on real-time air pressure status to ensure the stability of cutting quality.


  • Easy process debugging

It can intelligently hide unused parameters according to the actual number of cutting layers and whether they are perforated.


  • Variable frequency perforation & progressive perforation

The perforation efficiency of thick plates has always been the key to affecting plate production efficiency; the variable frequency perforation process and the progressive perforation process have extremely short perforation time, good precision and high efficiency, and can achieve long-lasting batch stability.

Nano micro-connection

It reduces the time required for polishing cross-section micro-joints, saves a lot of sorting and blanking time, and saves customers labor process costs.

Counterbore process

The laser cutting countersinking process can be cut according to the drawing, without the need for secondary positioning, nor drilling and other processes, which is fast and efficient.

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