10kW Laser Cutting of workpieces

In shipbuilding, the thickness of plates required for accessories such as decks, rib plates, elbow plates, ribs and ship-side outer plates of large ships such as cargo ships, oil tankers and container ships are mostly between 10-40mm, and some thick plate materials need to be cut into bevels for the convenience of later welding.

Advantages of high power laser cutting

Han’s Laser smart equipment group high power laser cutting machine cutting accuracy, section verticality, good bevel forming effect, high cutting efficiency, green environmental protection, can effectively solve the traditional cutting process (such as flame cutting, plasma cutting) thermal deformation, heavy pollution and other problems, to help the shipbuilding industry green smart manufacturing

Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group’s high-power equipment has formed a mature product series, developed a variety of cutting technology, and applied nitrogen, oxygen, and air to cutting of different materials and thicknesses according to the cutting technology to improve cutting efficiency and increase The effect of cutting quality and reducing processing cost.

In bevel cutting, traditional bevel cutting often has problems of deep cut marks, large thermal deformation, missing arc angle, multiple processes, long cycle time and high labor cost, which then affects the subsequent welding quality and processing cost.

Han’s bevel laser cutting machine adopts an intelligent control system, supports five-axis linkage, and is equipped with special functions for bevel cutting such as three-dimensional coordinate system adaptive switching, one-key return to zero correction, AB axis rotation accuracy detection, etc., and can complete a variety of bevel cutting , one-cut forming, effectively solves the problem of bevel processing of medium and thick plates, and helps efficient production.


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