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Han’s Laser Intelligent Equipment Group will bring a variety of high-end laser equipment to the exhibition, and together with 1,600 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions, will jointly present a feast of high-level digitalization and intelligent manufacturing perfectly integrated with machine tools.

Super High-Speed Magnetic Levitation Plane Cutting Machine

Han’s Laser Intelligent Equipment Group and Germany’s Rexroth have jointly created innovative nano-precision linear motor drive technology, full magnetic levitation, 5G acceleration, and nanometer measurement to enable high-speed and high-precision cutting of 1-25mm plates

Innovative double-sided chuck Equipped with Han’s self-developed pipe cutting control system to realize high-precision, high-efficiency, and zero-tailing processing of heavy pipes

Built-in laser, spliced sliding seat, highly integrated equipment, small footprint, convenient maintenance, and higher cost performance.

High-precision and high-efficiency, bend as you want Digital Hefu motor, separate fuel tank mechanical deflection compensation, reserved automation interface, economical and environmentally friendly, cost reduction and efficiency increase

Extreme Quality Manufacturing, Progress Together at the Same Frequency

China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT), founded in 1989, is one of the four major international machine tool exhibitions in the global machine tool industry. It has been successfully held for 17 sessions, focusing on displaying the world’s most advanced manufacturing technology and equipment. At this exhibition, well-known machine tool companies around the world will bring their latest technologies and products to the scene.

Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group, as a comprehensive, professional and advanced laser intelligent equipment service provider in the world, provides a full range of laser cutting equipment and its solutions and services for the field of intelligent manufacturing.

The exhibition with a series of equipment is not only to show China’s advanced manufacturing technology and intelligent equipment products to the world, but also to effectively interact and closely integrate with upstream and downstream partners, so as to jointly promote my country’s industrialization construction and equipment manufacturing innovation and upgrading, and jointly build China’s Intelligent manufacturing of the future.


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