Ten thousand watts of new realm “five” and comparable (50,000 watts of laser cutting machine)


On September 6, the new dual-machine product of Daqo Laser Intelligent Equipment Group’s ultra-high-speed magnetic levitation cutting machine and 50,000-watt laser cutting machine was re-released in Daqo’s Changzhou factory.

A new realm of efficiency

Low-pressure oxygen negative focus cutting 50mm carbon steel plate, the speed can reach 1.8m/min! Ultra-thick plate cutting below 100mm replaces traditional plasma, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The laser blanking efficiency is significantly improved.

Thick new environment

Breaking through the thickness limit of high-quality cutting carbon steel, the thickness of 50kW carbon steel oxygen positive focus cutting is increased from 60mm at 30kW to 100mm!

New realm of production capacity

50mm carbon steel Mix-M cutting annual production capacity income: one unit 50kW = – one unit 40kW + one unit 30kW

The HF 50 series ultra-high-speed magnetic levitation laser cutting machine adopts a number of high-end technologies and key components from Germany’s Rexroth, enabling mid- to high-power cutting to be faster, more precise, and more stable!

Nano-precision linear motor drive

Adopting nano-precision linear motor drive technology, three-axis contactless full magnetic levitation drive, direct power transmission, no mechanical friction, realizing higher acceleration and speed, faster cutting efficiency.

Cutting precision

Adopting absolute integrated measuring system, nano-precision measuring guide and full closed-loop feedback control to realize higher cutting precision.

High-speed, high-precision cutting

The HF50 maglev model uses 5G acceleration in just 55 seconds, increasing cutting efficiency by 45% and dramatically reducing slag hanging in the corners of the workpiece.

The release of the high-speed magnetic levitation cutting machine and the 50,000-watt laser cutting machine is another important milestone for Han’s Laser Intelligent Equipment Group and a major breakthrough in the field of laser processing equipment! Han’s Laser Intelligent Equipment Group will take this as a new starting point and actively explore , keep moving forward, applying ultra-high power laser technology to a wider range of fields, creating greater economic value for customers and empowering high-quality development of the industry.

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