Transformation and Upgrading of Agricultural Machinery

Fiber laser cutting machine


With the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization and the accelerated pace of agricultural and rural modernization, the demand for agricultural mechanization in rural areas is more urgent, and agricultural mechanization has ushered in new development opportunities. The blessing of a new generation of intelligent manufacturing technology has accelerated the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural machinery industry.

At present, my country’s agricultural machinery industry is in a critical period of transformation to high-end intelligent manufacturing. As an advanced metal sheet processing tool, laser cutting machines have brought a revolutionary breakthrough for the transformation and upgrading of agricultural machinery manufacturing.

“Lightning” Cutting Agricultural Machinery Upgrade Right-Hand Assistant


All kinds of sheet metal parts used in the manufacture of agricultural machinery and equipment, if traditional processing methods are used, it is easy to face problems such as low efficiency, rough product appearance, and unstable mechanical parts, which is also not conducive to the development of new agricultural machinery products.

With its fast processing efficiency, high precision, smooth cutting section, and high mass production efficiency, Han’s laser cutting machine can complete the cutting of various sheet metal parts in agricultural machinery with high quality and efficiency, and has become a powerful assistant for the transformation and upgrading of agricultural machinery manufacturing.

Wide range of processing

Various types of metal plate products and components involved in the manufacture of agricultural machinery and equipment are of various types, shapes, and material thickness specifications. Han’s laser cutting machine can realize the cutting of parts of any shape only by inputting the graphics into the software, which is suitable for many types Metal materials and various plate thicknesses meet the processing needs of various metal parts in the manufacture of agricultural machinery and equipment.

“Lightning” Cut

Han’s equipment can also be used for small-scale proofing testing of agricultural machinery spare parts, without mold support, high cutting precision and fast speed, and can be mass-produced after the sample is confirmed, shortening the product development cycle. And the workpiece has no deformation, no burrs, and high quality, which can not only improve the benefits of machinery and equipment manufacturers, but also speed up the iterative upgrading of agricultural machinery products.

Among them, the bevel laser cutting machine can directly process a bevel of a certain shape on the part to be welded, one-time forming, no secondary processing, and less labor and lower energy consumption to facilitate the efficient production of agricultural machinery.

Full Coverage of Pipe and Profile Processing

For the processing of tubular metal components in agricultural machinery, traditional cutting methods include manual cutting, roller extrusion, sawing machine cutting, and so on. Compared with these methods, the laser pipe cutting machine has significant advantages in terms of processing quality, efficiency and manpower saving.

Han’s laser pipe cutting machine has a rich product series, the chucks range from single chuck to two chucks, three chucks, and four chucks; Special-shaped pipes can meet the comprehensive needs of pipe and profile processing, and effectively meet the cutting and processing needs of various pipes and profiles such as round pipes, channel steels, angle steels, I-beams and special-shaped pipes in agricultural machinery.

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