ALU automated production line

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Fully automatic loading and unloading of medium and thick plates (≤20mm) The global status of multiple laser cutting and connecting automatic production equipment is controlled in real time, and the one-key control software and hardware are ingeniously integrated, combining rigidity and flexibility.

Three-dimensional warehouse, automatic storage

Three-dimensional material warehouse, the plates are managed in layers according to the thickness, and the materials are automatically transported and prepared according to the plan. Single-column, double-column and multi-column material warehouses are optional.

Fully automatic loading and unloading device

The ALU loading and unloading device is controlled by a high-power and high-torque servo motor. The positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy are less than 1mm, and the movement is precise. At the same time, it has multiple functions such as board separation, thickness measurement, and feeding anti-dropping. It is fully automated and runs smoothly and reliably. Smart security.

Elevator manufacturing is mostly the cutting of single sheets, with short time, many types of parts, and low efficiency of manual loading and unloading. The use of automatic loading and unloading can greatly improve production efficiency, and can also effectively avoid scratches on the surface of raw materials and workpieces caused by handling during manual production. injury problem.

Laser Cutting Machine Seamless Connection

Seamlessly connecting multiple cutting machines for automatic production, Han’s laser cutting machine is fast, high-precision, and the cross-section of the workpiece is smooth without burrs. It can directly enter the next process without re-grinding or polishing, which greatly saves manpower and time costs.

Flexible Control Series

The overall control system of the production line is composed of loading and unloading control series, cutting machine numerical control system and FMS intelligent scheduling control system. It is deeply integrated and has high compatibility. It can automatically schedule and allocate production plans, and the functions of pre-loading and pre-unloading can automatically load and unload the cutting machine without interruption. material, which is 35%-50% more efficient than ordinary semi-automatic production lines. At the same time, it is more convenient to manage by relying on the automation software platform for the production of small batches and multiple varieties of workpieces in the elevator industry.

ALU series automatic loading and unloading system, from production scheduling, programming, raw material storage, loading, thickness measurement, cutting, unloading, to waste transfer, fully automatic production, greatly reducing manual intervention, improving production efficiency, and allowing benefits to be realized in quality A leap forward, helping the elevator industry to upgrade intelligently.

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