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Excellent word-of-mouth, meticulous and intelligent manufacturing

From R & D to design, from material selection to manufacturing, it is closely related to market demand. Provide customers with strong performance, high quality and efficiency, and low-cost plate cutting services by means of new board system, innovative structural design, one-time processing of machine tools, and exquisite materials.

Reliable and reliable machine tools

1. It adopts high-quality steel welding structure, and completely removes internal stress through strict heat treatment and vibration aging. It is durable and does not deform, and has excellent shock resistance, rigidity and stability.

2. The five-axis gantry precision machining master machine imported from Japan is processed and formed at one time to ensure quality and assembly accuracy.

Reassuring high-strength beams keep improving

1. Good heat treatment and machining process ensure the long-term stable and reliable use of the beam structure.

2. The beam is made with high precision to achieve precise cutting.

Worry-free control system production is so easy

The new board control system is a full-featured open-loop control system specially launched for the rice metal processing industry. Easy installation, easy commissioning, excellent performance, and complete solutions make cutting work easy.


The Z-axis has not been raised in place,
The XY axis starts to move in idling, shortening the time of idling.

Flying laser cutting

When the graphics to be cut are regular and arranged regularly, scan and cut by connecting the line segments in the same direction.

Walk the border

The laser head walks a rectangle along the outer frame of the graphics to be processed


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