Laser Cutting Machine for Automotive Production

(Laser Cutting Production Line)

Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group has created an intelligent laser cutting production line for CIMC Vehicles Terabyte Van Business Group to facilitate the digital, intelligent and automated production of van logistics equipment.

GRC Coil Material Cutting Production Line, One-Stop Solution for Coil Material

The intelligent laser cutting production line first processes the coils by the Han’s GRC coil cutting production line.

Different from the traditional processing method of uncoiling and leveling with uncoiling and leveling equipment first, then transferring to the shearing machine for cutting, and finally manually transporting to the laser cutting machine for cutting, the GRC coil cutting production line directly realizes uncoiling-leveling-feeding- Cutting-cutting continuous production, and then through intelligent stacking and palletizing to the double-layer transport platform, and then automatically transported to the storage warehouse for storage, one-stop efficient solution.

AS-M Series Storage Warehouse, Intelligent Storage and Digital Management

Sheets processed from coils are automatically stored and managed by Han’s AS-M series warehouses.

AS-M series warehousing warehouse, three-dimensional storage, fully automated warehouse entry and exit, equipped with a warehouse management system, realizes inventory information management, warehouse entry and exit history record query, data statistics and other functions, integrates automated storage and digital inventory management, and empowers intelligence Production.

ALU Series Automatic Loading and Unloading System, Unattended and Safe Production

The plates stored in the warehouse will be processed and produced by Han’s ALU series automatic loading and unloading system when there is a production plan.

The ALU series production line automatically allocates the production plan through the production line intelligent scheduling control system, and automatically loads and unloads the cutting machine without interruption for pre-loading and pre-unloading, realizing automatic production of multiple cutting machines. Fully automated operation, 35%-50% more efficient than ordinary semi-automatic production lines.

Intelligent manufacturing, the future has come.
Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group will continue to innovate based on customer needs, and join hands with customers to build a bright future for China’s intelligent manufacturing.


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