Super load-bearing

Overweight load≤1000kg

Super large diameter

Maximum processing round pipe 360mm

Innovative Double-Sided Chuck

The third chuck is a double-sided chuck (jaw + roller), which realizes high-precision, zero-tailing, and high-efficiency processing.

Heavy Tube Efficient Feeding

Manual loading, single-tube semi-automatic loading or multi-tube semi-automatic loading are available. Multi-tube loading can store up to 6 heavy tubes, effectively reducing the frequency of hoisting pipes and improving efficiency.

Unloading Floating Support

According to the length of the pipe, the number of blanking pallets is automatically matched, and the pipe is lifted in real time to effectively improve the cutting accuracy of the workpiece.

Heavy-Duty Weapon

The bed is integrally welded, which can carry heavy pipes for a long time, maintain the accuracy of the machine tool, and ensure long-term stable operation.

Han’s independently develops professional laser tube cutting control, and the bus control technology has fast response, high efficiency and high stability.

Pipe cutting machine (technical parameters)

Pipe Cutting Samples

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