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Pressure Vessel

A pressure vessel is a closed container capable of withstanding pressure. It has a wide range of uses and plays an important role in many fields of industry, civil and scientific research.

Pressure vessel production and manufacturing generally have to go through the undercutting, assembling, welding and other processes, in the cutting and undercutting link, Han’s Laser LB series laser cutting machine with high precision, high speed and other advantages to help customers in the pressure vessel industry to improve processing efficiency, shorten the production cycle, reduce production costs, empowering the pressure vessel intelligent manufacturing progress.

Effective solution for large format beveling

The material of the pressure vessel is mainly based on medium-thick plate, and the plate size is generally larger. In the cutting process, in addition to cutting off the plate, cutting holes, etc., in order to facilitate the later welding, part of the plate also need to cut bevel.

If the traditional processing method is used, it requires multiple processes such as traditional cutting and milling to complete. Han’s Laser LB series large format bevel laser cutting machine can be used for processing large size flat plate and bevel at the same time, one time molding, which not only greatly improves the efficiency, but also effectively saves the material, manpower, energy consumption and other costs, and accurately meets the demand for cutting and undercutting of pressure vessels.

High-power cutting process quality and efficiency increase

Oxygen Rapid Cutting Process of Carbon Steel
Compared with the standard cutting efficiency of the carbon steel oxygen rapid cutting process, the cutting efficiency can be increased by up to 120%. At the same time, the section quality is good, the upper and lower tapers are small, and the rapid cutting of medium and thick carbon steel is realized.

Carbon steel oxygen fast cutting compared with standard cutting, the average speed can be increased:

At the same time, as the power increases, the ability of carbon steel oxygen rapid cutting thickness will also increase. For example, the limit thickness of 15kW carbon steel rapid cutting is 30mm, and the limit thickness of 30kW carbon steel rapid cutting can be increased to 50mm.

Hybrid low air pressure fast cutting applications

Mixed low-pressure fast cutting application, through the integrated gas circuit of the machine tool to automatically deploy and call the mixed gas required for cutting, can effectively reduce the carbon steel section and corner dross, and complete the cutting process of medium and thick carbon steel with high quality.

Groove×head cutting Meet a variety of special applications

The traditional groove processing method is prone to quality problems, such as shearing process, the metal 2~3mm away from the incision will have obvious hardening phenomenon, which will affect the subsequent welding quality.
The LB series cutting machine is equipped with a five-axis linkage cutting head, which has high cutting precision and small thermal deformation of the workpiece, and can cut straight, V-shaped, Y-shaped, K-shaped grooves with high quality.

In addition, in order to meet the special application requirements of customers, Han’s Laser Intelligent Equipment Group upgraded the bevel cutting software system and five-axis motion control algorithm, so that the LB series bevel cutting machine can not only realize various bevel cutting on the flat plate Processing can also realize a variety of special applications on the head, such as trimming, separation cutting, opening, welding edge pretreatment, etc., to accurately meet production needs and avoid rework.

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