laser cutting process


The upgrade of laser cutting technology is not only the improvement of power, but also the innovation of cutting process!

HF 50 Magnetic Levitation Precision Drilling

HF 50 series ultra-high-speed magnetic levitation plane cutting machine, high-precision and high-speed cutting holes, cutting 343 hole contours, the speed reaches 30m/min, and the time is only 1 minute and 51 seconds!

Ultra-high-speed magnetic levitation

New mixed gas (Mix-M) cutting process

The new mixed gas (Mix-M) cutting process of the nitrogen generator breaks through the thickness limit of high-quality air cutting carbon steel, and can effectively solve the problem of high-quality air cutting of 20mm-40mm carbon steel. Compared with oxygen cutting, the cutting efficiency is greatly improved, and compared with air cutting Less dross, lower cutting cost than nitrogen!

Diagonal piercing miter

Oblique perforation, Han’s BF series bevel cutting machine HAN’S 901 system new technology, the overall processing efficiency is higher; oblique perforation bevel cutting board, the board on both sides of the cutting line will not be damaged, and the board utilization rate is higher.

Head cutting

Head cutting process, Han’s Laser Intelligent Equipment Group has upgraded the bevel cutting software system and five-axis motion control algorithm, so that the LB series bevel cutting machine can not only realize various bevel cutting processes on flat plates, but also A variety of special applications are realized on the head to precisely meet production needs.

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