High Precision Bending


Separate fuel tank

High steel frame

Mechanical compensation

High efficiency and high precision

Expand the Scope of Processing

The closed height is increased to 585mm, the stroke of the slider is expanded to 235mm, and the depth of the throat is 410mm, which not only expands the processing range, but also expands the scope of mold use, saving a lot of mold costs Book.

Keep Improving Forging Fine Products

-High precision rear gear

The X and R axes are driven by ball screws, guided by linear guides, and driven by digital servo motors.

-Servo motor

The servo motor has high power and adjustable speed, the hydraulic pump has large displacement, and the working efficiency is increased by 40%.

-Removable and washable separate fuel tank

Fuel tank capacity is reduced to 150L, saving 60% of fuel consumption and reducing maintenance cost. 60%.

Automatic adjustment is convenient and accurate

-Deflection compensation

Two-way mechanical compensation, single point adjustable, further improve the bending accuracy.


Protects the operator’s safety.


Large stroke, suitable for more kinds of complex bending. The flow rate is large, the speed is fast, and the efficiency is greatly improved. Fast down 220mm/s, working 17mm/s, return 200mm/s.

Bending Machine Saves Labor

-Reserved automation interface

It can be connected with the automatic bending unit of the robot without manual cooperation.

Industry Application

Electrical cabinets, kitchenware, elevator curtain wall, office furniture


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