Laser Cutting Machine, Power Tower (Han’s Laser)


Tower Manufacturing’s “Partner in Excellence”

Since the first cooperation with Shandong Electric Group in 2020, Daqo Laser Intelligent Equipment Group has always been adhering to the concept of “customer-centered”, with high standards of manufacturing equipment, professional and dedicated service to customers, to provide high-quality products and high-quality and efficient service for Shandong Electric Group. This time, we won the bidding for many high-power laser cutting equipment, and Daqo Laser Intelligent Equipment Group’s national factories will cooperate efficiently, execute efficiently, deliver quickly, and efficiently empower Shandong Electric Group’s smart manufacturing of power transmission pylons.

MPS-3015CC Coil Flexible Laser Cutting Machine


With high cutting precision, fast cutting speed and smooth workpiece section, Han’s laser cutting machine can realize one-time molding of punching and cutting to accurately meet the needs of tower manufacturing, whether it is the angle steel, channel steel, steel pipe and other components of the tower, or angle iron connectors, flange reinforcements, flanges, etc.

At the same time, the equipment has high stability, which effectively ensures the smooth operation of the tower manufacturing production and has gained the high recognition of Shandong Electric Group and has been awarded as the title of “Outstanding Partner”.

Han’s Laser Smart Equipment Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Han’s Laser. It is a comprehensive, professional and advanced laser Smart equipment service provider in the world. It provides medium and high power laser cutting machines, laser pipe cutting machines, three -dimensional five-axis High-end equipment such as laser cutting machines, coil laser cutting production lines, bending and forming equipment, 3D printing equipment, and automated production lines have been widely recognized and appreciated by customers.

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