The laser cutting process refers to a series of processes in which the finished product is processed with laser cutting equipment through software programming, process settings, and other methods according to the drawings. According to the processing sequence, it can be divided into three main processes: CAM program output, laser process method selection and parameter setting, and laser cutting equipment.

Laser cutting process
  • CAM program output

After understanding the drawings and specifications of the workpiece, we must first process the drawings accordingly, and change the visual image information into the program code information that can be recognized by the machine, that is, the program output. The drawings of the workpiece are processed according to the corresponding specifications by the corresponding specifications by the corresponding specifications by the CAM software-Cnckad.

①In the special drawing paper guide CAM software, the lines within the drawing are processed according to the actual needs, and the drawings are programmed by the corresponding process technology according to the sheet and part specifications.

②After processing the required process, you can output the program and simulate the program. You can reasonably observe the process of the program by adjusting the playback speed.

  • Selection and parameterization of laser processing methods

In laser cutting processing, the materials and thickness of the processing plates are different, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium alloy, etc. During the processing process, the appropriate process method can be selected according to the actual conditions to achieve the best cutting effect.

According to the classification of the auxiliary gas, laser cutting is generally divided into oxygen cutting, nitrogen cutting, air cutting and inert gas cutting; according to the focus, it can be divided into high focus cutting and negative focus cutting.

For different processing methods, the specifications of the cutting nozzle, the speed of laser cutting, and the appearance of the cut surface will also be different. nozzle.

  • Laser cutting machine execution

After preparing the part processing procedures and setting the cutting process, you can use laser cutting machine tools to process parts. After the preparation of laser cutting is completed, the edited program is entered into the computer file of the machine tool. After selecting the machining program in the production interface, select the corresponding industry parameters in the process interface. Cutting.

Laser cutting process


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