(LASER PLANE CUTTING)How to distinguish between legal parts and illegal parts?

A: During the process of parts import, the software will automatically distinguish the legality of parts, legal parts will be automatically imported into the parts library, and illegal parts will be directly imported into the view window, and will be marked at the problematic position, so that it is easy to find parts problems , to facilitate parts repair;

(LASER PLANE CUTTING)How to quickly check whether there is interference in the full-page parts?

A: When the part is not closed, it will generally be displayed in red, but the red display does not mean that the outline is not closed. It may be caused by the part not being on the plate; this will make it more difficult to find the problem part. In order to find problems conveniently, the part detection and display function can be canceled, so the parts outside the plate will not be displayed in red. The pink display of coedge parts is also controlled by this function;

(LASER PLANE CUTTING)How to quickly modify, replace, and delete processes in batches?

A: Perform batch process modification, batch deletion, batch replacement, etc. on graphics according to selection methods such as graphic types;
Select the target part, click the batch modification function under the selection function, after entering the batch editing state, you can delete the original part and replace it with other parts, one can be replaced by multiple parts;

Note: The replacement is based on the center of the original part, so when replacing it with other parts, pay attention that the replaced part should not exceed the size range of the original part to prevent interference with other parts!

(LASER PLANE CUTTING)How to center the nested part in the inner hole of the part?

During automatic or manual typesetting, it is difficult to nest the parts nested in the center of the part, and then you can use the nested centering function:

(LASER PLANE CUTTING)How to quickly find parts in the parts library in a large number of parts?

A: When there are many parts in the parts library and it is difficult to find a part, according to the parts on the plate:
To search;

(LASER PLANE CUTTING)How to quickly find parts on different plates that need to be processed first?

A: When there are many nesting results and some parts need to be processed first, you can search which plates the parts are distributed on;

(LASER PLANE CUTTING)How to quickly count the distribution of plate parts?

A:After the layout is completed, if you want to know which parts are distributed on the plate and the quantity of each part during the processing, you can click the right mouse button on the layout result to view the distribution of the layout result;

(LASER PLANE CUTTING)How to modify one of multiple identical nesting results?

A: After automatic nesting, the same nesting results will be written together. When you only want to change the nesting result of one of the plates, you can copy a nesting result separately, and the number of previous nesting results will be reduced accordingly one:

(LASER PLANE CUTTING)How do I add basemaps to nesting results?

A: When the imported full-page CAD drawing has multiple arranged plates at the same time, because only one plate can be processed at a time, you can add all the plates after the process is completed, and then add the full-page drawing to the layout result, which is convenient preservation processing;

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