(Steel Structure Processing)



The processing volume of the steel structure industry is huge. The application of the 10,000-watt high-power laser cutting technology can replace the traditional plasma cutting and flame cutting, and effectively help the steel structure industry to improve the quality and efficiency of processing. Han’s super large integrated bed single-plane laser cutting machine, G13030S- A brand new attack, coming for the steel structure processing industry.

Table Laser Cutting Machine

The processing area of G13030S-A reaches 13.1*3.1m, and the super-large workbench can easily place a single super-large plate, or two 1.5m wide plates, to achieve high-precision batch processing, and to cooperate with narrow kerf and co-edge technology, etc., greatly improving Material utilization, material saving.

Extrusion welded one-Piece Beam

Extruded and welded one-piece lightweight aluminum beams, together with higher power adaptive servo drives, bring stronger dynamic performance and higher production efficiency, and effectively reduce the problem of hanging slag at the corners of workpieces with large contours in the steel structure industry. Reduce the subsequent grinding process, save equipment and labor costs.


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