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Han’s Laser Intelligent Equipment Group has received frequent good news about its “going overseas”. An old customer of large-scale steel structures in Israel will equip Han’s Laser with two 10,000-watt ultra-high-speed laser cutting machines and a P6026D high-speed pipe cutting machine in 2020. This year, it will purchase another PX12050T heavy-duty three-dimensional cutting machine. Chuck pipe cutting machine.
High-end equipment effectively helps customers increase production capacity and seize market opportunities, becoming one of the most competitive steel structure processing companies in Israel.

PX12050T is an innovative double-sided chuck design, which realizes high precision, zero tailing, and high-efficiency processing. The last workpiece can not only cut off, but also cut the contour, and truly realize zero tailing. It is round pipe, square pipe, channel steel, and angle steel. The “sharp tool” for processing pipes and profiles accurately meets the production needs of this Israeli customer.

Easy to Deal With, Heavy-Duty Loading and Unloading

The equipment adopts multi-tube automatic feeding mode, which can store multiple heavy tubes (each tube ≤ 1500KG), which can effectively reduce the frequency of hoisting and improve processing efficiency.

It can automatically match the number of blanking pallets according to the length of the pipe, lift the pipe in real time, and improve the cutting accuracy of the workpiece.

HAN’S 903 Bus Control Professional Pipe Cutting Process Database

Han’s has accumulated many years of pipe cutting process data and independently developed a laser pipe cutting control series, equipped with a professional pipe cutting process database bus control, with an interpolation cycle of 1MS, fast response, high efficiency and high stability, improving quality and efficiency for this Israeli customer. Press “Accelerator”

G6025HF Series Ultra-High Speed Laser Cutting Machine

The cutting and drilling speed is fast, the molding is done in one go, and the quality of the workpiece is improved, without the need for secondary polishing. After the equipment was put into use, the customer started a new stage of batch cutting production of medium and thick carbon steel plates.

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