In the rapidly developing physical processing industry, laser cutting, as an indispensable part of the entire processing process, has a very wide market (Figure 2.1). In the actual production and processing process of different industries, according to the different laser cutting methods and the different auxiliary gases selected, a variety of laser cutting processes have been born. However, different processes have a common way of presentation in terms of processing flow and quality control.

At present, there are many types of laser cutting equipment on the market, and the specific operation details are not the same, but the three common steps can be extracted from the overall operation process of laser cutting-CAM program output, laser process method selection and parameter setting and laser cutting equipment to perform.
In the laser cutting market, the quality evaluation of cutting samples has always been the main factor considered by all walks of life when choosing laser cutting equipment. The general factors for quality evaluation of laser samples are cutting accuracy, incision quality, heat-affected zone and sticky residue.
This project mainly introduces the process flow and cutting quality of laser cutting, so that students can have a preliminary understanding of laser processing technology, master the steps of laser cutting process and judge the quality of cutting samples.

Project Name
1)Laser Cutting process
2)  Quality evaluation of cutting


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