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Great DesignHan’s Futuris-TIC Look 丨 P6010D/P6018D laser cutting pipe machine won the first “Big Cup” Product Design Competition Excellent Design Award!

The first “Big Cup” product design contest has successfully concluded at the global production base of Great Laser

G4020HF high-speed laser cutting machine, G6025HF Pro laser cutting machine, G12025F laser cutting machine, G6025-O laser cutting machine, and thermal forming three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine won the finalist award.

G4020HF PRO Laser cutting machine

With industrial design, stimulate the vitality of innovation

The Great Laser Smart Equipment Group is a wholly -owned subsidiary of the Great Laser. It is a global comprehensive, professional, and advanced laser intelligent equipment service provider. It provides multi -directional laser cutting equipment and automated solutions and services for intelligent manufacturing. Suzhou and Jinan production bases and spare parts library, the four major operating headquarters and seven major sales areas are established in South China, Central China, China, East China, Bohai Rim, etc. The entire process provides customers with supporting technical services such as pre -sales, mid -sales, and after -sales.

The Great Laser Smart Equipment Group has always been guided by market demand to ensure the research and development innovation of product quality, performance, practicality, durability, safety and industrial aesthetics, and continues to output precise and high -quality products and solutions for the manufacturing field. Get highly recognized and appreciated by customers. The optical fiber laser cutting machine developed and produced by the company was awarded the “China Good Design Award”, the “Single Championship Products” of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s National Manufacturing Industry, the “Top Ten Product Quality” of the China Machine Tool Industry Association, and “Top Ten Better of Innovation”.

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